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Kaito Nakahori




Apr 11 2024

Piano & Vibraphon Recital (Musicasa Acoustic Concert Hall, Tokyo, Japan)

"Hyle” [World Premiere(2024 revised ver.)]

(Piano:Yusuke Satoh, Vibraphon:Kurara Nozaki)


Dec 18 2023

Tradition and Innovation (Toyosu Civic Center, Tokyo, Japan)

"Starlight and FrostⅠ” [World Premiere]

(Naoyuki Manabe Gagaku Ensemble)

Oct 14 2023

New Music Festival (First Christian Church, Eugene, OR, US)

"Zero (1st aria)”

(Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble)

Apr 12 2023

Ikebana and Contemporary Music (The Okura Tokyo, Japan)

(Ikebana Performance by Seihou Okudaira)

"Contemplation” [Japanese Premiere]

(Violin:Tatsuki Narita)

"Adieu” [Japanese Premiere]

(Soprano:Jessica[Ngatari], Electronics Kaito Nakahori)

+Talk show - Seihou Okudaira, Hitomi Kitayama, Kaito Nakahori



Born in 1989 in Japan, Kaito Nakahori began composing at the age of 14 when Toru Takemitsu's music made a great impression on him. Strongly influenced by Japanese Gagaku music and Western avant-garde music from an early stage, he has focused on the various sounds contained within a single note and advocated the concept of “Spacetime music.'' In 2015, his portrait concert was held at the United Nations in New York, when he conducted and presented his pieces including Summit of Mt. Fuji. Since then, Hotarubi commissioned by Goethe Institut in 2017, Samon commissioned by Kyoto Art Center in 2018, Two Different Paintings commissioned by Tokyo Bunka Kaikan at the 150th anniversary concert of Japan and Hungary diplomatic relations in 2019, Theater Opera Zero (the original text and staging by Oriza Hirata) commissioned by Toyooka Theater Festival in 2020, Electronics Opera Countless Wells (Co-production with IRCAM) commissioned by Fondation Royaumont in 2021, Abyss (dedicated to Arditti Quartet) commissioned by Takefu International Music Festival in 2022 and many other pieces have been gained a good reputation internationally as a contemporary composer. He has won Brian M. Israel Prize (2016) and 1st Prize at Impronta Ensemble Composition Competition (2019), and has given composition lectures at The Japan Cultural Institute in Rome, National University of Colombia, Takefu International Music Festival, Tokyo College of Music and Hiroshima City University. Currently, he is based in New York and Tokyo.


Theater Opera Zero (2020)

スクリーンショット 2021-10-14 18.41.58.png

World premiere 13/09/2020 at Toyooka Theater Festival

Text/Staging: Oriza Hirata

Composer/Conductor: Kaito Nakahori

"The journey back to the roots of existence"

(Kobe Shimbun)

Electronics Opera Countless Wells (2021)

World premiere 28/08/2021 at Royaumont Abbey

Festival de Royaumont "Carré magique"

Co-production with IRCAM


Abyss (2022)


For String Quartet

World premiere 09/09/2022 at Takefu International Music Festival


Dedicated to Arditti Quartet

Starlight and Frost 1 (2023)

For Gagaku

World premiere 18/12/2023 at Toyosu Culture Center


Commissioned by Naoyuki MANABE GAGAKU Ensemble


Yaeyama Hirugi (2014)

スクリーンショット 2015-07-03 21_07_22.webp

For Clarinet and String Quartet

World premiere 13/06/2014 at Middlebury Town Hall Theater


1st Prize at Impronta Ensemble Composition Competition


New record album "Mythologies" part of IIKKI's series was released on Nov 21st on Bandcamp. It is an electronic ambient music work composed by Kaito Nakahori and Masaya Ozaki. Art work is by Erwan Morère. 

Khemia Ensemble's debut album "Voyage" was released on May 14th on Bandcamp. It is a collection of the works that were commissioned and/or performed during the inaugural tour of South America. Nakahori's piece "Zero Ⅰ" is collected to the album.

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