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Opera in 1 act, 7 scenes (2020)

Text: Oriza Hirata

Dramatis Personae: Rei/Ame (Soprano), Yumi (Actor), Yoshie (Actor), Shizuka (Actor)

Instrumentation: fl, cl, bsn, pn, vl, vla, vc

Duration: 80 min.

Commission: Toyooka Theater Festival

Premiere: Toyooka Citizen's Hall, Staging by Oriza Hirata, Conducted by Kaito Nakahori (13/09/2020)

Youtube(Short Digest)

Notes: This opera is inspired by Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. Each arias can be performed individually.

A woman who lost her voice tries to express with struggle her own "song" as aria. Meanwhile, three women who stay in sanatorium start to talk about the first time they saw the sea. Aria and drama are played alternately, and in contrast, the emotions of all those women swaying between life and death eventually head toward the world of light. Immersing yourself in the world of minds within the new style opera, you will see the distortions of modern society that we tend to look away from.

1. Introduction "The wind"

2. Aria Ⅰ "Nai (It's not here)" - Zero Ⅰ

3. DramaⅠ"The first time they saw the sea"

4. Aria Ⅱ "Hazy Forest" - Zero Ⅱ

5. DramaⅡ"The sea and the sky were connected"

6. Aria Ⅲ "Ocean of Insecurity"- Zero Ⅲ

7. Ending "Playing Lights"

---Individual performance of Arias---

Zero Ⅰ

for soprano and chamber ensemble (2015)

Instrumentation: Soprano, fl, cl, pn, vl, vc (+bsn, vla)

Duration: 14 min.

Commission: Khemia Ensemble (University of Michigan)

Premiere: Khemia Ensemble South America Tour, Soprano:Amy Petrongelli, National University of Córdoba, Argentina 21/08/2015

Other Performances:

Hall of Radio Nacional Córdoba, Argentina 22/08/2015

Olav Roots Hall National University of Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia 27/08/2015

US Premiere: Britton Hall, Ann Arbor, Michigan, US 25/09/2015

Bethlehem United Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan, US 6/02/2016

Khemia Ensemble US Tour, Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor, Michigan, US 09/04/2016

Clifton Cultural Arts Center, Cinncinati, Ohio, US 10/04/2016

Wayne State University Schaver Recital Hall, Detroit, Michigan, US 11/04/2016

Brian M. Israel Prize: Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, New York, US 22/01/2017

Japan Premiere: Takefu International Music Festival, Takefu Ensemble, Cond:Andrea Pestalozza, Fukui, Japan 16/09/2017

Russia Premiere: St. Petersburg International New Music Festival, Studio for New Music Ensemble, Russia 24/05/2019

Notes: Brian Israel Prize

Discography: Voyages (2016) Album by Khemia Ensemble

Zero Ⅱ

for soprano and chamber ensemble (2018)

Instrumentation: Soprano, fl, cl, pn, vl, vc (+bsn, vla)

Duration: 13 min.

Premiere: Royaumont abbaye & foundation Concert, Soprano:Juliet Fraser, Meitar Ensemble, Cond:James Weeks, France 9/09/2018

This series is based on one of characters Naoko from Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

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